PE-inject 1.0

Welcome to the PE-inject documentation!

PE-inject is a special library which allows developers to place their own code into Windows executable files (EXE, DLL, OCX and others). PE-inject was designed to be as simple as possible, to make modification of executables (so called PE-files) as easy as writing a "Hello world!" program. The knowledge of Assembler and Windows PE-EXE file format, which was essential before PE-inject came, is no longer required.

To inject your code into foreign executables you only need to make a DLL file with functions you want to inject into PE file, call PE-inject function to place the DLL into the executable and the file is injected. From now on, everytime you run the executable, the injected code will be run first and after it finishes, the old application code will start.

PE-inject doesn't need to write any data to harddrive, like some other solutions do. Therefore it can be also used for applications which require highest security, like PE-protection engines.

From EXE password protectors, through PE compressors to PE anti-cracking protectors, everything is easy to implement. PE-inject has a really well designed interface, which allows you to use it for almost any purpose related with injection of code into PE-files. Even a virus-like code is possible!