anti-cracking library 1.0

Usage of ACLib Protect
First of all, you will have to copy files and to your project directory or library path. Then, install TDecryptEngine component (in DecryptEngine.pas). Now, you are ready to create protected applications.
You can now try to use it: place TDecryptEngine and a button on a form, set button's OnClick event to:
ShowMessage('Appears only if license file present.');
And Form's OnCreate:
You can run the application and the message will appear. The reason is, that the message is not crypted. Run ACLib Protect (aprotect.exe), create a new license file (named project.lic) and encrypt project's exe file with the license file. Exe is now crypted and ready for release. Place project.lic in the same directory as project and run it. The exe file will automatically find the license file and decrypt itself. If you now move project.lic to another directory, the application will work, but instead of the message "Appears only if license file present." an error will be shown.