anti-cracking library 1.0

Welcome to ACLib Reference!
ACLib is a library, which helps you to protect your application from being cracked. It contains many detection algorithms to detect if your software is being debugged, monitored or traced. It also contains many powerful functions for detection of breakpoints in your program or in API functions.

You probably think: "Why should I use such a library? There are many skilled crackers out there who will crack my software in a hour." If you think like this, you are wrong. Of course, there are some very good crackers, but the others learnt cracking from Cracking tutorials and they don't even know the basics of system programming (and many of them aren't programmers!). BUT THEY CAN CRACK MORE THAN 50% OF CURRENTLY AVAILABLE SOFTWARE! This is because hardly any shareware author cares about Anti-cracking protection. Implementing Anti-cracking protection to your software will prevent your applications from being cracked by such amateurs.
And now the good news: skilled crackers don't have time to crack not-well-known shareware; so, MAYBE if you use Anti-cracking protection, your software will NEVER BE CRACKED!

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