anti-cracking library 1.0

SICE_Detect_CreateFile function
Checks if NuMega SoftICE present.

Debugger/Cracker tools detection

function SICE_Detect_CreateFile: Boolean;

This function tryes to open SoftICE drivers by using CreateFile function. It is very unreliable function because every cracker knows it.
Returns true if SoftICE found.

You should use this function at the beginning of your application (the best place for it is in project's DPR) and you should display a message like "SoftICE detected. Please remove it from your memory to run this program." Of course, cracker will remove the message in few minutes, but it is important to warn programmers or other people who are using SoftICE and aren't crackers that your program won't run correctly if SoftICE present.